small projects

Enclosing a Non-Profit’s Patio

Wellspring Family Services is a non-profit family resource center located along Rainier Avenue built in 2008. It is a fabulous, modern building designed by Weinstein AU and made possible by generous donations by the Seattle Rotary.

So, what do all these important people doing important things have to do with Spark? Well…Wellspring was in need of a fence to surround an unsecured outdoor patio. This fence needed to relate to the exterior of their sparkling new building and not be a striking contrast to another fence on site built by the students in the University of Washington’s Howard S. Wright Neighborhood Design/Build Studio a fabulous fence where plants can grow up and eventually take over.

Spark came up with a simple solution made of galvanized steel and inspired by off the shelf automotive and fencing parts thought up by the UW students to make a place both secure for outdoor parties and meetings and a happy for vines to grow up.

Filling in a Northern Nook

Camille and Don came to Spark with an unusual nook in their Mill Creek home that they found useful as a place for their many books. But, their store bought bookshelves were a bit rickety standing on their soft carpet and the brown simulated wood contrasted too much with the built-in furniture in this hallway.

The solution was not difficult. We needed to replace the store bought shelves with a new shelving system built into the nook and match the look and feel of the other built-in cabinetry. The toughest part of this solution was to accommodate space for a blocked air vent that is part of their heating and cooling system. Two lower shelves were sacrificed and screened off to make sure proper air flow would occur at this location

Fun Sustainability Fact: We were able to reuse 90% of the nook’s original base trim around the base of the new shelves and, best of all, make better use of what was an after-thought to the house’s original design.

Thanks Camille and Don for this fun design and build project!


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