secret images released!

2 01 2012

Over the shoulder of me working hard at my desk these rare photos were taken. I’m not sure what they are of, but it looks to be one of my projects!!!!! How in the world did these get out?!?!?!?!?

They look like concept sketches of 3 of the 5 houses in Michigan! Could they be?!?!?!?! Who knows but I this other image taken might be a clue….


A jazzy couple of rooms

22 11 2011

Right now, in the Delridge neighborhood of Seattle there is a young couple preparing a thanksgiving feast in their almost new kitchen after bathing in their almost new bathroom. Here’s a peek of what their changes will look like when completed.

Even when things are not yet doneā€¦The Silver Lining

29 04 2011

Moved to Medium Projects. See you over there!

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