holiday for the hills

21 11 2011


We’re not dead, just busy. Here’s a bone for what is coming up.
5 new houses in Michigan
A fantastic new kitchen and bathroom under construction
The bathrooooom is finished, well sort of, we can bathe and shower and brush our teeth.
A corner bay window for eating and sleeping.
Dos Kitties! The curly tale.
And, in collaboration with two great people.

But first a contest:
What should we do with this door? It’s 2 feet wide by 7 feet tall.







…and second: If you are in Phoenix, ever, check out my buddy – Mike:
he’s got the power of the carbon voodoo. Who do? He do.

I’d just like to make public about Mike, there’s nothing more beautiful than someone who understands their own context. Bravo Mike, being as awesome as you are is like a tab of butter on a slice of hot apple pie.




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