Why Spark Does What it Does for You

18 03 2011

You’re on your own. You’re armed with some knowledge, books, tools and a great attitude. What you might not know is that you are part of the cresting wave of change where people are taking their homes and work into their own hands and making real, physical changes to their spaces while learning useful skills. You are doing it yourself; maybe for economy, maybe for fun or maybe to learn. Spark Design Build & Learn is a designer & builder, a resource & a place for you.

While growing up in Michigan I learned the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) behavior  because of my family. My dad was a civil engineer but gave up his cushy white collar, desk job for a tool belt, a hammer and a will to remake his original dream. He expected and encouraged his children to help out at home on repair projects and alterations and, also, on his commercial construction sites.  The knowledge he passed on to his two daughters and two sons has materialized in each in different ways. His two middle children build for a living. His oldest builds cabinetry as a hobby. His youngest, me, went to architecture school and received well rounded design experience at varied architecture firms in Washington and Michigan and then found myself designing and building projects for friends and acquaintances while working on my own home.

Now with a design practice of my own, Spark, I have come across many people with this same do-it-yourself attitude. I am constantly hearing the questions around how “we can do some parts of construction ourselves?” or the statements like, “we want to do this ourselves during construction.” Some have previous skills and some don’t. Some are curious and want to learn, some want the confidence to make home repairs themselves, while others do not have the option to hire somebody else to make the important and needed changes to the places they live in, work in and have fun in.

This renewed attitude in DIY pulls at my core which is why I decided to focus Spark’s mission on helping people like you. Please keep you eyes out for future posts on my design projects, client experiences, how to use tools and lessons about how you can make things! While you wait you can view the projects in my portfolio or give me a call to talk about what you would like to change.




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