a shamelessly good plug

7 05 2012

No, it’s not for me, but something I have know about for some time. It’s the West Seattle Tool Library. 


They have tools to check out, classes you can learn valuable skills and every Tuesday a Fix-it night to bring in that item that just isn’t working any more or needs improvement. Have a look!




Post yard time

16 04 2012


After a hard days work in the yard planting and building a new bench and table our of reclaimed materials offsets the cost to fill my tub full of hot water.

at 4:45 on the 5th day of the 4th month it’s ALIVE

5 04 2012

hi everyone,

The website is up and running. It’s not complete, but it’s working and got some stuff to see.

spark design seattle

I hope you all are having a great springtime.


oh so many houses!

2 01 2012

As many of you know my house is under constant construction. If you don’t believe me check out our blog. How can an 800 square foot house have so much work left after 3 years under construction…I think that problem is personal one of being too busy.

Yet other people I know have no problem finishing their home remodels. Here’s a friend of mine who’s little house has been transformed in something rather unique and not so difficult that it couldn’t be done by anyone I know. Plus Michelle has some great tips on keeping things simple and manageable in this same Dwell article.

Across the country in Arizona, my friends Michael Pearce and Connie Jiang, have put their thumb prints on this Phoenix house they call home. It’s a little different than what we see up here in the Pacific Northwest but it’s all designed with their two minds and built by their four hands.

secret images released!

2 01 2012

Over the shoulder of me working hard at my desk these rare photos were taken. I’m not sure what they are of, but it looks to be one of my projects!!!!! How in the world did these get out?!?!?!?!?

They look like concept sketches of 3 of the 5 houses in Michigan! Could they be?!?!?!?! Who knows but I this other image taken might be a clue….

A jazzy couple of rooms

22 11 2011

Right now, in the Delridge neighborhood of Seattle there is a young couple preparing a thanksgiving feast in their almost new kitchen after bathing in their almost new bathroom. Here’s a peek of what their changes will look like when completed.

holiday for the hills

21 11 2011


We’re not dead, just busy. Here’s a bone for what is coming up.
5 new houses in Michigan
A fantastic new kitchen and bathroom under construction
The bathrooooom is finished, well sort of, we can bathe and shower and brush our teeth.
A corner bay window for eating and sleeping.
Dos Kitties! The curly tale.
And, in collaboration with two great people.

But first a contest:
What should we do with this door? It’s 2 feet wide by 7 feet tall.







…and second: If you are in Phoenix, ever, check out my buddy – Mike:
he’s got the power of the carbon voodoo. Who do? He do.

I’d just like to make public about Mike, there’s nothing more beautiful than someone who understands their own context. Bravo Mike, being as awesome as you are is like a tab of butter on a slice of hot apple pie.

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